Things baby boomers don’t want their children to do for them –ever!

As a Baby Boomer with 2 adult children, both daughters, one is from Gen X and the other is a Millennial. It has occurred to me that my daughters may at some point have to help care for me as I age if I am not able to care for myself. That thought wasn’t too bothersome until this last year. I have that same thought when I see my daughters eat or drink some wild concoctions of “juices” that I just don’t really want to drink, and then……(wait for it) -they insist I TASTE the mix!

I just don’t want to drink spinach! Why can’t I just cook it and then eat it? Why must I drink it? I will eat the whole bag of spinach and then I will eat the yogurt ingredient later when I am hungry again so please don’t throw them both in a blender. Likewise I am sure burnt toast with bee pollen and soaked smashed orange peel is something I do not even want to eat.

Us parents with Gen X’rs, Millennials or post Millennial aged children will come across some of the same issues and thoughts as I have. Like the time my daughter almost choked me when she was trying to put makeup on me, holding me down with a slight choke hold when I protested. Or when my Millennial insisted we bond for the afternoon and go get bikini waxes! How in the world can these be the children I raised you ask? No answer. My biggest fear right now is that I will be in a wheelchair and one of my “Well-Meaning” children will have put way too much makeup on me, made me drink some awful green stuff and be wheeling me in to finally get that bikini wax she thinks I should “treat” myself to.

We Baby Boomers need a secret code word, one that we can YELL out if we need to be rescued from these situations. I will get to work on that and find us a special word. Someone needs to do this, so I will.

To be continued….


8 thoughts on “Things baby boomers don’t want their children to do for them –ever!

  1. 274ppd

    (CS5711) Thought this was a cute blog. I’m starting to have similar concerns about my interactions with my adult child. Sometimes I wonder if she shares any of my interests or concerns. If i’M feeling down about my inability to communicate with her, your blog can cheer me up.


  2. irowley

    (cs5711) Thanks for a good laugh! Although I think Baby boomers are experts at peer pressure. my sister a Baby Boomer has been trying to fix my hair and makeup all my life.


  3. theunbookreporter

    cs5711 Remind me which one’s GenX, the ones born in the 80s or in the 90s? Depending, the GenXer in our household is either me or my sister. Either way, we enjoy spending time with our mom and actually have a lot of tastes in common. I do sometimes make my mom watch horror stuff with me though. Poor thing. Especially as she occasionally finds herself interested despite herself. I am a wicked daughter. And I apologize for nothing. Nothing! *insert evil cackle here*


  4. lolaguerrero

    Ugh..I have two boys and don’t even live close by that said I really don’t want to live that long. 73 is a good age to go, however, I’m not in control here so I will pray for good health and angels to surround me when I need a ride to get
    my prescription filled.



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