Terms we need to learn to save ourselves from weird dinner party requests!

I don’t even know why I am surprised as to what “new” concepts my daughters have explored since the last time they stopped by. For example one month they may be vegetarians and the next they aren’t. (This is also true for their dogs. Poor doggies!) Often my youngest daughter will come over and start reading ingredient lists on the foods in my cabinet or refrigerator. Just a little fun for her I presumed. She always has an opinion about the food I eat. I like some Cool Whip on my deserts once in a while but I have learned to hide the container in the deep shadow to the back of the refrigerator. Cool Whip is apparently bad in her eyes.

A few days ago I saw a group of 20 somethings at Whole Foods loading up with plastic bags full of slightly damaged and some semi-rotten vegetables I assumed they rescued from their garbage bins. I decided to be proactive and research something about the subject of dumpster diving because if I am seeing this in my home town then I need to be more prepared in case my adult children decide I need to give it a try.

If you don’t know what this word Freeganism is yet, it is time to read up. The word “freegan” is a coinage derived from “free” and “vegan“, often combined with the words “dumpster diving” or “dumpstering. I read the Your Guide To Dining From The Dump article by National Public Radio and I now have a good understanding of dumpstering. While I will buy day old bagels and food marked down at the grocery store I really don’t ever want to even try to get in a dumpster let alone pick food out of it to take home.

My advice if you feel the same way as I do? Get your list of polite excuses ready, in case you hear any buzz words regarding dinner parties that serve food prepared from “dumpstering”, so you can pass on the invite. Personally I am hoping my children don’t get lured into this world of Freeganism but just in case I have my list of polite excuses ready to go.


2 thoughts on “Terms we need to learn to save ourselves from weird dinner party requests!

  1. Merkeldog

    I’ve heard of this. A few years ago I saw a show on the food network about something like this. A few people had to find old tossed out food yet still useable to food a large group. Something like 30-40% of our fresh/semi fresh food is tossed out of stores and restaurants. Mostly due to it being ugly no one wants ugly food. They went to farms and butcher shops and picked up a ton of food veggies and meat. They pulled off a nice meal. #cs5711


  2. marinmultimedia

    Nice article! I learned about “Freeganism” this week, thanks to your blog and also read the interested link about Your Guide To Dining From The Dump. I am very interesting in your list of polite excuses. Can you share your list with me?



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