1. Merkeldog

    My youngest son is adopted. My oldest wanted a sibling for the longest time. I come from a family of seven so my boys have 30-something cousins. When my oldest was little 8ish he would ask for a sibling. He finally exspained to me that he did not want his children growing up in a household of a signal kid and rob them of the joy of cousins, aunts and uncles. Then telling me he would have to find a wife with many siblings as to not rob his children of family. So then when he was elevn I said good news you’re getting a brother. He then said too late I don’t want one and will not share my space with him. To this I said you don’t have to share you’re space you can pack all your stuff and move into the hall closet. He was not happy-the next day he came to me and said I made space for him, he can have the two bottom draw of the dresser and a little space in the closet as he is small and won’t need much.
    They are seven years apart different as night and have a crazy good love for each other.



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