Who wants to dust knick-knacks anyway?

Christmas is coming soon and I know my children will be thinking of gift giving for me. I now know why my grandmother never wanted me to spend my money on gifts for her at Christmas time. Like my grandmother, I am actively trying to reduce my footprint in my own home. Too much stuff in the house clutters and who wants to dust knick-knacks anyway? Candles, bowls, vases and even jewelry is too much for me. While it IS the thought that counts, it just isn’t the thoughts that I appreciate most about my adult daughters.

I would rather spend an afternoon out with them or go to a movie together. The three of us have a similar sense of humor and that makes everything funny. My daughters have a well-developed dry sense of humor and they are quick-witted. I may not want to eat the same foods as they do or stay out as late as they do but a movie or two will work for me. I have to get some movie passes and hope they will let me pick the movie too.


2 thoughts on “Who wants to dust knick-knacks anyway?

  1. matteidsen

    Good info. Really. This will make my christmas shopping for my mother a lot easier. No more shopping for something silly to get her, her house is getting too cluttered anyhow. Thanks for the insight! I think maybe I will just give her a homemade “gift card” which is good for any restaurant on me 😛 she will probably like that better anyway. Cool, thanks! #cs5711


  2. Justin Thyme

    Sounds like you have a good relationship with your daughters. It is nice you rather spend quality time together than do the whole gift wrap routine. Wrapping paper seems like such a waste to me anyways. I just send my mom a text, lol.



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