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Things baby boomers don’t want their children to do for them –ever!

As a Baby Boomer with 2 adult children, both daughters, one is from Gen X and the other is a Millennial. It has occurred to me that my daughters may at some point have to help care for me as I age if I am not able to care for myself. That thought wasn’t too bothersome until this last year. I have that same thought when I see my daughters eat or drink some wild concoctions of “juices” that I just don’t really want to drink, and then……(wait for it) -they insist I TASTE the mix!

I just don’t want to drink spinach! Why can’t I just cook it and then eat it? Why must I drink it? I will eat the whole bag of spinach and then I will eat the yogurt ingredient later when I am hungry again so please don’t throw them both in a blender. Likewise I am sure burnt toast with bee pollen and soaked smashed orange peel is something I do not even want to eat.

Us parents with Gen X’rs, Millennials or post Millennial aged children will come across some of the same issues and thoughts as I have. Like the time my daughter almost choked me when she was trying to put makeup on me, holding me down with a slight choke hold when I protested. Or when my Millennial insisted we bond for the afternoon and go get bikini waxes! How in the world can these be the children I raised you ask? No answer. My biggest fear right now is that I will be in a wheelchair and one of my “Well-Meaning” children will have put way too much makeup on me, made me drink some awful green stuff and be wheeling me in to finally get that bikini wax she thinks I should “treat” myself to.

We Baby Boomers need a secret code word, one that we can YELL out if we need to be rescued from these situations. I will get to work on that and find us a special word. Someone needs to do this, so I will.

To be continued….